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In the turmoil of the 80s "Bizzarro" was born.
The brand, standard bearer of the company and guarantee of quality, evokes values of originality, singularity and eccentricity.
The same values that are the basis of the high added content processing that the company has always offered to its customers.
Research, creativity, craftsmanship, manual skills and thirty years of experience, combined with high professionalism, are the characteristics that make these processes so unique and precious.
Constant research, driven by a pioneering spirit of innovation and the possibility of having modern machinery and skilled workers, allow our company to be considered an exceptional partner for the creation of embossed prints, sunken prints, silk-screen prints. , laser carvings, treatments, finishes, embroideries, weaves, inlays and anything else the technique and creativity allow to create on leather and fabrics.
The result of our experience are leathers for clothing, leather goods, footwear, furniture, nautical interiors, upholstery, contract and automotive, of which we offer multiple declinations in our collections.
A real permanent exhibition is available to our customers who, by appointment, have the opportunity to draw on a constantly updated archive that has more than 18,000 articles. A precious source of always new and stimulating ideas, colors and sensations from which you can draw directly or a cue from which to draw your own inspiration.
Furthermore, our customers have the opportunity to benefit from the support of a qualified staff for the realization of "special projects" measured on their exclusive needs. With efficiency and professionalism we highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each request, indicating the most suitable and performing production solution.
Each creative project is followed with care and passion.
From the research, to the style, to the graphic development, to the prototyping up to the realization of the production, each step is meticulously followed and controlled with the utmost care and attention.
The entire production process is jealously guarded within the company and this, for our customers, is a guarantee of timeliness, maximum confidentiality and a 100% Made in Italy product.
Bizzarro Leather, we have always nurtured and transmitted the passion for beauty and well-made, capturing, anticipating and interpreting the tastes and trends of the market. Bizzarro Leather “the difference” at your service.

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