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Our company operates in a territory that preserves and maintains traditions looking to the future, and it is in this spirit that Bizzarro operates.

We were among the first to have the UNIC SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILY CERTIFICATION certification.

Our goal now is to select our suppliers by choosing those who support an eco-sustainable development of raw materials

In order to be able to offer our customers our products more and more "eco-friendly".

All our staff are deeply sensitive to environmental issues and we are sure that we will be able to offer you our products with the usual quality but much more eco-sustainable.


Tramonto in Toscana


Bizzarro, the first company to obtain the ICEC certification for the social responsibility management system.
The ICEC certificate (quality certification institute for the tanning industry) N ° 001 certifies that the social responsibility management system of Bizzarro Leather Srl complies with the tanning code of conduct UNIC REV.03 Sector EA: 05.
Since 2010 the company has decided to promote and enhance, alongside the excellence of production, its commitment to the issues of social responsibility by adhering to: "UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility", for which it has obtained certificate no. 001 on 16/12/2010.
In compliance with the mandatory legislation as a premise, with particular reference to the statute of workers and the national collective bargaining agreement for the category with regard to employment relationships, Bizzarro Leather carries out its activities by committing itself to:
- not to use forced labor as labor and source of income and not to support its use in any form.
- not to use or support the use of child labor.
- not to use or support forced labor and to keep any identity documents only in copy and not in original.
- not to carry out any discriminatory behavior when hiring, in remuneration, in access to training, promotion, dismissal or retirement
- respect the right of all staff to free trade union association
- guarantee a healthy workplace and take all measures to prevent and manage damage to health.
- ensure effective specific training on health and safety.
- promote the professional development of human resources.
- activate all the necessary measures to reduce the environmental effects associated with their work.
- promote community development also through representative associations.
- abide by the principles of transparency, fairness and good faith in relations with institutions, customers, suppliers, competitors, avoiding unfair acts and guaranteeing the quality of its products and consumer protection.
- periodically review their performance with regard to social responsibility, communicating them to all interested parties.
conforming its activities to the principles of social responsibility contained in the UNIC Code of Conduct with a view to continuous improvement.
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